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I highly, highly recommend Dalena Bradley as a Job Interview Coach. If you’re looking to make a job change, Dalena’s coaching & support is worth gold. When I decided to make a change, it had been a long time since I’d been in the role of interviewee instead of interviewer.

Dalena helped me articulate the value I bring to employers by coaching me to craft my unique “story” and anticipate and prepare for tough questions. I strongly recommend you take advantage of her mock interview service. The experience, feedback and recommendations she provided were invaluable. Dalena provides excellent guidance around when to follow up between interviews, how to negotiate an offer and more. Invest in yourself by working with Dalena – the confidence you’ll gain are a 10x ROI.

D. Lechner

Executive Director, Product Management

I had the opportunity to hear Dalena Bradley speak on interviews…it was transformative for me. Hearing her speak on how not just to get through interviews but also how to take control of the narrative by preparing your stories to demonstrate your, skills, interests and successes. It completely changed the way I presented my stories to interviewers, hiring managers and panels. Taking that new information and confidence into a series of job interviews, I was offered two fabulous offers not long after taking Dalena’s coaching to heart and putting it into practice. I accepted a new position at a Fortune 500 company, 7 weeks after I started my job search…If you have been struggling with interviews reach out to her now!
A. Campbell

Collateral Traffic Coordinator

“After doing a few high profile interviews and failing to receive the offers, I was recommended to Dalena from a close friend who had benefited from Dalena’s interview prep services. I can now see why she was so highly recommended!

I immediately felt supported, received multiple job offers, gained more confidence, and gathered some new resources to help with future searches. All good things!

As a coach, Dalena has a highly professional nature with a very positive, caring, and fun twist. Most importantly, her advice is on-point. We uncovered that I should use more concrete examples in my interviews, and she taught me some easy interview hacks to be more prepared for various behavioral interview questions. She also sent me suggestions to upgrade my computer hardware for better visibility on zoom calls! So appreciated.

In the future, I would definitely reach out to Dalena for advice on closing deals, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for that top tier, 1:1 approach.

J. Johnson

Managing Director, Medical Communications

“I highly recommend that you hire Dalena Bradley as your interview coach. Not having been involved in a job search for the last 13 years, I needed honest, intentional feedback in preparation for my fast-approaching interview.

We scheduled meetings in time for me to practice and prepare. Now, I have feedback that I can also apply in my professional life that improves my speaking skills.

I plan to reach out to Dalena the next time I need to brush up on my communication skills. I know she will be able to help.

Most importantly, though, I GOT THE JOB!”

L. Little

Director of Student Information Systems

I’ve just accepted a new job…I’m so excited! I know that your services and experience really contributed to me putting my best foot forward and being well-delivered in the interview process. I really appreciate all you have done for me and I sing your praises to other job seekers I know who are struggling. You are an excellent asset and well worth the investment.
K. Carroll

HR Business Partner

Working with Dalena has been an invaluable experience in my recent career transition. I realized that in order to achieve some of my goals – changing industry and leveling into a leadership role – I had to step up my job search strategy as well. As part of our collaboration, Dalena asked some challenging and thoughtful questions that prompted some self-reflection on my strengths and goals. That enabled me to think deeply about how I was presenting myself. With Dalena’s coaching, I created solid branding language I could use in my narrative during interviews and for my resume and LinkedIn profile. One of my interviewers even said how clear and articulate my materials were in explaining my skills and expertise. Overall, working with Dalena has been a wonderful investment in my career transition. I got a new job at the level I wanted within two months of working with her.
W. Kleinfeldt

Head of Organizational Effectiveness

I can’t say enough about the value of connecting with Dalena during my career transition. The interview coaching sessions left me prepared, confident, and eager to meet with potential employers. I highly recommend anyone seeking employment or career advancement to spend some time with Dalena!
R. Loop

Sales Executive, Salem, OR

I can’t say enough about working with Dalena as my career marketing specialist…From start to finish it was a great experience! I am 100% satisfied with her services, found them to be an excellent value, and I now feel more confident to reach out to new prospects. Thank you, Dalena!
C. King

Executive Revenue Management Consultant, Portland, OR

Dalena helped me with the process of prepping for interviews. I had been working at the same company for 5 years, without much interview experience. She’s a true professional with amazing insights. She asks the right questions and provides incisive feedback. her feedback and focus on authenticity were instrumental in me landing the dream job. I would strongly recommend Dalena to anyone who is starting a new job search without much recent interview experience, regardless of the industry.
J. Nair

Product Development Manager Digital Retail & Marketing), Seattle, WA

It had been several years since I interviewed for a role and I wanted to make sure I was prepared. I was referred to Dalena and I am grateful for her assistance. She provided resources to allow me to prepare for a mock interview which was recorded. She provided immediate feedback during mock interview and I was also able to review the recording after I had time to reflect. I appreciated the opportunity to have this “first interview in a long time” in a safe space where I could make a few mistakes and learn from them. Her insights and coaching were invaluable. I went into my interviews with confidence and am happy to report I got the job!

A. Fox


“I was beginning my first job search in over 20 years and felt I needed to develop a plan for my search and to brush up on my interview skills. This was especially important with the changing interview process during COVID. I was referred to Dalena from a friend and from the first time we met I knew I had made a good choice.

My time with Dalena consisted of interviews going over my past work experience, my current situation and what I was looking for in my next opportunity. This was used to begin outlining an overall plan for my search. From there we conducted a series of video calls and mock interviews. We discussed each interview and she provided feedback, which I found very helpful. As a result of my work with Dalena I found myself very prepared for interviews.

I also found Dalena a very valuable resource to discuss offers and next steps in working to close the deal. I would highly recommend Dalena’s services to those beginning a job search process.

J. Pointer

Fractional CFO / Advisor

“The interview prep was the key to my job search ending in the right role for me. Dalena does her research and customizes questions before the mock interview. And often I fielded questions in the real interview that we had practiced.

After learning and practicing the SOAR framework in the mock interviews, I was easily able to answer interview questions and pivot, when needed. Aside from working on content, Dalena gave me several pre-interview suggestions to get mentally prepared, which were instrumental to calming my nerves and feeling totally confident in my interview abilities.

Within weeks, I was offered a new role with a national Fortune 500 company. The salary negotiation consultations were key in helping me land the right compensation package. Dalena is expert in offering suggestions to ensure the compensation package is equitable, fair, and at the level for the role and her client’s needs.

I cannot thank Dalena enough for helping me realize my full interview potential! Her clear, kind feedback helped me quickly implement new strategies that led to renewed confidence, not only in my interview abilities but in ME! Every day since starting my new job, I have been grateful for her help.”

A. Carl

Clinical Quality Program Manager

“I had the pleasure of receiving Dalena’s guidance for a job interview. It was a fantastic decision taken for the success of my job searching.

Something I particularly remember from Dalena is that she is a good listener. She was patient, listening to my numerous comments and concerns, and she made sure I got answers and feedback for every one of them.

I can attest that Dalena is outstanding as a coach, easy to work with, and provides excellent resources to complement the one-on-one interaction. I had immediate success with her help and received the position I was seeking.

L. Buitrago

Senior Reliability Engineer

Her insights on how to establish likability, build compelling stories, ask smart questions, and project positive nonverbal communication were spot on, and my group appreciated her tips on how to close the interview to reduce ambiguity and anxiety afterwards…I recommend her to anyone wanting to polish or elevate their interview skills to heighten their chance of getting a job offer.
D. Alexander

Dana Alexander Networking Group / Owner, Alexander Connections LLC, Portland, OR

Dalena’s coaching services were invaluable as I prepared to job search and interview for new leadership roles. Dalena helped me accelerate my search and get results. Dalena is on my board of directors. She’s highly knowledgeable about the job market and is very well connected. I always consult her when it comes to my career.
C. Edic

Director of Hardware Engineering

I reached out to her for help with interview prep, but what I got from her was so much more…She supported me through the entire process and beyond. She really tailored her coaching and advice to my experience and the job(s) I was applying for…Her coaching, as well as materials she provided, truly made a difference. I highly recommend her services without reservation.

Digital Project Manager, New York, NY

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