186 Days Left in 2018: Time for a Midyear Career Check-in

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Back in January, did you resolve that 2018 would be your year to launch a job search and find more rewarding work or explore a new career path? If life (or your current job) has gotten in the way, you still have 186 days left to reach your goals!

To get there, start by recognizing and removing any obstacles to your success. What are your barriers to progressing in your career?

Here are 3 popular reasons I hear from people as to why they’re putting off their job search:

“I don’t feel motivated”

Very few people find job searching a super fun activity, so first test your motivation level by asking yourself, “How will I feel if I stay in my current job for another year?”

Do you feel overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, feeling stagnant, or all of the above? Imagine how life would change if you made more money, had better work-life balance, worked with more collaborative co-workers, enjoyed increased growth potential, or had a shorter commute. Then make your decision as to whether the time is right. No one has ever told me that they’ve regretted looking for new work.

“I don’t have enough time”

By far, the top reason most prospective job-changers give for not looking is that they don’t have time to look for a job while having a job. The truth is, actively-employed or otherwise busy people get new jobs every day.

Start by assessing what you do in your off hours, and look for 30-minute chunks of time each day to get your resume in shape, look for meetups and networking opportunities, identify search firms, research companies of interest, bolster your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, and prepare for interviews.

If you started today and set aside 30 minutes daily for the remainder of 2018, you’ll yield about 90 hours of time to invest in your job search.  Paring down your daily dose of social media alone can add up to 62 hours per month toward achieving your goals.

“I don’t want to make the wrong move

“What if I make a change and it’s not right?” With this mindset, you’re getting ahead of yourself and have self-selected out of the process before you’ve even begun! Only when you engage with others, do your research, and learn what’s out there will you understand the landscape of the job market and the opportunities that are right for you.

Always remember in this early stage that you aren’t in a position to accept a new job until there’s an offer on the table, which is several decision-making steps from where you are today. Put this is the “worry about that later” category. If you approach your job search project seriously, you’ll have many data points from which to make a smart decision when the time comes.

To make your search official, create an action plan and log your progress. Online job search organization tools can help. And to keep yourself accountable, look for job search meetup groups in your area, enlist a friend or family member for regular check-ins, or hire a reputable career coach to help you along the way.

There’s still plenty of time left to make your 2018 career change resolution come true. Which job search tips will you try first?

(Post updated from June, 2017)


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