Why Using Two Monitors in Your Interview is a Distraction

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Are you using two computer monitors during your remote job interviews?

This is increasingly common because job seekers think they’re being efficient and savvy. In reality, this can be a huge distraction to the interviewer and hurt your chances of getting the job offer.

Why having two monitors is a distraction

We have so few ways of connecting with our interviewer when we are remotely interviewing.

it’s hard enough to juggle maintaining eye contact with the camera, maintaining energy, and being expressive to convey interest, doing the best we can under the circumstances and constraints of video meetings.

Adding an extra monitor into the mix can disrupt this connection, as it leads to noticeably moving your head back and forth to refer to your notes or resume.

Another distraction using two monitors is typing your notes on your keyboard. This also takes your focus away from the conversation and can make you appear disengaged.

How to avoid the disconnect

The solution to maintaining eye contact, connection, and conversational flow is to stick with one monitor.

Instead of relying on digital notes, go old school and write down on paper any important points or questions. Tape any cheat sheets or prompts at eye level next to your monitor.

By minimizing distractions and focusing on connecting with your interviewer, you’ll be better positioned to make a lasting impression and land the job.


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